The competition between product and services that occur in business world in the modern era is increasingly tight. This can be seen from various ways of promotion that run by the company to win its consumer heart. Before deciding to jump into the competition, it is important for business to do some market research at the beginning because it will relates to how much the spending cost that will be


Experential learning is a learning method through reflection of knowledge that has been obtained and then developed into a meaning so as to give a deep impression that affects the long-term memory of each individual involved in it Experiential learning emphasizes the strong desire of within the individual to succeed in learning. The desire to succeed can increase the individual's responsibility f

The Digital Transformation in Banking Industries

Abstract The world is changing, and so is banking, as well as the way it is perceived by the customers. Digital banking has become an irresistible business trend. McKinsey research in personal financial services shows that Asian consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile and Internet channels for banking services, with their use increasing on average more than 35 percent


McKinsey analyzed that currently some shift occurred in consumer behavior which indicates that the timing of the bank's transformation to digital was getting close with the increase usage of digital, shift preferences, shifts in consumer decision-making behavior, and digital sales throughout Asia, including Indonesia. Bank Bukopin Management Development Program 20TH batch is a series of program

Learning Courses & Syllabus Development for Consumer Automotive Company

Mitra Pinasthika Mulia (MPM Mulia), one of the subsidiaries of MPM Group, is the sole distributor of motorcycles and Honda spare parts, wanted to conduct the in-house training for three levels business leaders: First Line Manager (SPV), Manager, and General Manager. With the support of MPM Group, the training sessions will be based on dictionary of competencies at MPM. This aimed that the in-hou

Development of PLN Strategic Specialist Education II Test Repository

To develop the next generation of Indonesian leaders, PT. PLN (Persero) strives its superlative approach for its talents to get the best development program within the company. Having worked with PT. PLN (Persero) previously to deliver the “Strategic Specialist Education II" program, BINUS Creates was trusted again to help PT.PLN (Persero) in development of the training test repository, which is

Kompas Gramedia Management Development Program Ninth Batch

Kompas Gramedia Management Development Program Ninth Batch is a series of training program targeted to senior supervisors in Kompas Gramedia Group. The training is one of the main activities that is should be participated by the supervisor to be promoted to be a manager level. The program itself is specifically developed to improve the operational competencies of the employees as managers, as well

Leadership Training for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia – Sesparlu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sesparlu is an advanced diplomatic training program for the senior diplomat who has several times assigned abroad. This training is a prerequisite for senior diplomats who have had a minimum degree of diplomatic Counselor for 1 (one) year to be promoted to the next level. This training aims to improve the diplomatic skills of senior diplomats, in particular in the neg

Quality Management System Training with Multistrada Community Academy

These days, high education institution such as university and academy have a very important role in enhancing national competitiveness. In order to fulfill this role, the institutions are expected to keep escalate their quality in various aspects. The institutions are said to be having good quality if they are able to establish and realize their vision by means of the ability in satisfying stakeho
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