Experential learning is a learning method through reflection of knowledge that has been obtained and then developed into a meaning so as to give a deep impression that affects the long-term memory of each individual involved in it

Experiential learning emphasizes the strong desire of within the individual to succeed in learning. The desire to succeed can increase the individual’s responsibility for his learning behavior. Experiential learning also provides an opportunity for the individual to decide what experiences will be the focus, what skills to develop and how to draft from

David Kolb an educational theorist says learning in experiential learning consists of 4 stages:
1. Stages of real experience
2. Stage of reflection observation
3. Conceptualization stage
4. Implementation phase

This experiential learning method is also applied by BINUS CREATES to the 29 participants potential employees of Bank Bukopin through the Management and Leadership Development Program (MDP) taking place in Kepulauan Seribu – Pulau Pramuka on 15 – 17 May 2017.

This game teaches the importance of instilling integrity in each individual. Integrity is consistency in upholding values, beliefs, principles, honesty of a thing that is lived. Someone with high integrity will be more trusted by the environment he lives.

This game teaches the importance of a leader’s role in a team. Without a leader in a team then the goal to be achieved will be difficult to materialize. The leader is like a captain in a ship who must be able to direct, coordinate the crew of the ship in it when to raise the screen, lower the anchor and a series of other ship tasks.

This game teaches the importance of focus / concentration. In carrying out a task, the results of the work must be optimal. Therefore for optimal result, we are required to understand the applicable procedures, follow the direction of leadership / organization so that mistakes in work can be avoided / minimized. Working with optimal results is a work achievement that can have a positive impact such as promotion, compensation / benefit.