Creating Solution Through Education with Creativity and Technology

BINUS University is exploring and seeking a synergistic partnership with the aim of maintaining the relevance of BINUS’ education in the globalization era and of closing the gap between BINUS’ curriculum and industry needs.

“With an enormous numbers of resources which consist of experts, knowledge, technology, and creativity, we are here to give our insights and solutions for every needs and problems within your organization.”

BINUS Creates acts as a ‘hub’ that connects the faculties with external parties and vice versa.

Supporting Bina Nusantara 20/20 Vision and Mission as a world class knowledge institution, we are responsible for the effective delivery of activities based on BINUS’ paradigms and methodologies to all of our clients.

Impact Number

We have involved in delivering hundreds of projects and experienced in developing professionals from many large Indonesia corporations, small and medium enterprises, and startups. We have a lot of experts collaborating with more than 40 departments of BINUS UNIVERSITY and BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL from various fields, among others, business, management, technology, design, and human resources development.

Our Vision

Fostering and Empowering leaders and innovators to make impact for the society.

Our Mission

We are committed to:
  • Support faculty members to be more relevant by passionately sharing, advancing, and disseminating research-based knowledge.
  • Become a dependable learning hub and solution partner of Indonesia’s leading companies
  • Grow into a source of knowledge commercialization to support BINUS vision of world-class knowledge institution
  • Develop BINUS unicorns and make it ready to go global

Our Values

Hands-on delivery and academic proven applied research that connect with real-world issues.

Customer Focus
Focus on customers’ needs by empowering innovation and creativity.

Creating impactful deliverables in people and organization growth.