To develop the next generation of Indonesian leaders, PT. PLN (Persero) strives its superlative approach for its talents to get the best development program within the company. Having worked with PT. PLN (Persero) previously to deliver the “Strategic Specialist Education II” program, BINUS Creates was trusted again to help PT.PLN (Persero) in development of the training test repository, which is divided into pre-test (or best known as pre-work) and post-test.


Pre-work was given 1 (one) week before the training and was addressed to grab the understanding of participants before the training being delivered. Thus this assignment will be collected at the training day before the session started.

In contrary with Pre-work, Post-test was intended to evaluate each participant’s learning and given at the same day after the training session.


To cope up with the program, BINUS Creates collaborated with the Subject Matter Experts from several faculties of BINUS University to develop more than 600 questions for the repository materials that were required to enhance leadership and managerial skills. The topics covered, among others are:

  • Investment Financing by Dian Triasurya, MBA and Drs. Harjono Darto, M.Acc.
  • System Perspective by Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA
  • Organizational Innovation by Elidjen, S.Kom., M.InfoCommtech
  • Contract Management by Paulus Aluk Fadjar Dwi Santo, S.H., M.H. and Erni Herawati, S.H., M.Si., M.Kn.
  • Product/Service Bundling Strategy by Idris Gautama So, Ph.D and Bachtiar H. Simamora, Ph.D.
  • Research and Development Management by Dr. Ahmad Syamil, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP


As the Pre-work and Pre-test were made with the objective of to sharpening the knowledge and professional experience of talents at PT. PLN (persero), during the test developments, case studies and hypotheses were built to make the tests comprehensive.

The training test repository will be used for the management development program training at PT. PLN (Persero) that is delivered by both BINUS Creates as well as internal of PT. PLN (Persero).