Leadership program has become more and more essential for any company, whether it is a multinational company or a small start-up company. One of the benefits of this program is to enlarge knowledge, not only focusing in one specific area, participants by introducing several basics competencies in leading and managing a unit, either small or big one.

In cooperation with Binus Creates, PT.PLN (Persero) established a training program called “Strategic Specialist Education II” to improve the competency of its human capital. The target of this program is to create a new generation of top-middle level of management who posseses innovative way of doing things.

The difference between this program and “Executive Education I” that was held also By Binus Creates last year, was the types of work unit participant came from and the training objective. In Strategic Specialist Education, the participants came from functional units and trained to be a good manager/leader in his/her specific functional  unit. In Executive Education, the participants came from Head Office/Business unit and trained to be a good manager/leader in his/her business unit.

In this program, BINUS Creates worked with the experts from several faculties of BINUS University to cover several training materials for the training programs that were required to enhance leadership and managerial skills.

  • Investment Financing by Drs. Harjono Darto, M.Acc.
  • System Perspective by Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA
  • Organizational Innovation by Elidjen, S.Kom., M.InfoCommtech
  • Contract Management by Dr. Shidarta, S.H., M.Hum and Business Law Faculty`s Team
  • Product/Service Bundling Strategy by Idris Gautama So, Ph.D
  • Reseach and Development Management by Khristian Edi Nugroho BSIE., MM

The Program was held in BINUSSquare from 25 – 30 November 2013 and ended with positives responses from the participants. For instance, a participant stated that “The training was delivered by academically knowledgeable and experience instructors which have a passion in teaching. Complete training facility, and also ready to help staff in the training” Riam A. Wibowo, Senior Specialist II Loan Management – PT. PLN (PERSERO) Main HQ.