Kompas Gramedia Management Development Program Ninth Batch is a series of training program targeted to senior supervisors in Kompas Gramedia Group. The training is one of the main activities that is should be participated by the supervisor to be promoted to be a manager level. The program itself is specifically developed to improve the operational competencies of the employees as managers, as well as to enhance cross functional thinking and effective leadership if they are to be a manager.

BINUS Creates, together with School of Business Management BINUS University, helped to create program to deliver the goals of Kompas Gramedia Group. The program itself is divided into two big phases, 1) In-Class Training; and 2) Final Project Assistance. A total of 29 participants were attending the program which was held for approximately one year.

In the in-class training phase, participants were introduced to several courses designed to enhance the competencies and corporate values of Kompas Gramedia Group. The purpose of the in-class training session was to remind and re-introduce the theoretical concept and ideas of how to be a good leader, specifically as a manager. A total of 13 topics were delivered ranging from leadership cluster, business cluster, and operational cluster.

In the final project phase, participants were given a task to develop a business idea that was covered by all the topics that was studied in the phase before. The outcome of the final project was that it could be implemented into each participant’s unit or it could be provided as a research or proposal for a long term project. To help the participants, 2 mentors (from Kompas and Binus) will guide the participant through the development stage. Final projects was then presented and reviewed by several judges from Kompas and Binus.