Mitra Pinasthika Mulia (MPM Mulia), one of the subsidiaries of MPM Group, is the sole distributor of motorcycles and Honda spare parts, wanted to conduct the in-house training for three levels business leaders: First Line Manager (SPV), Manager, and General Manager. With the support of MPM Group, the training sessions will be based on dictionary of competencies at MPM. This aimed that the in-house training would be aligned with vision, mission, and values of MPM.

As the leading consumer automotive company in Indonesia, MPM then realized that the main key to be success in running a business is PEOPLE. Looking beyond this, and to achieve the successful goal in the company, MPM then planned and designed two in-house training programs for Supervisor and Manager level in 2010.

Initially, MPM wanted to make a general competencies that can be applied to all parts of MPM Group. Therefore, in 2014, MPM designed and implemented the dictionary of competencies for three levels; a) core competencies, b) leadership competencies, and c) specific competencies. Those competencies are to be applied for all business lines at MPM.

To reach these objectives, BINUS Creates was then trusted by MPM to develop the learning courses and syllabus that will be used as the primary basis of the learning objectives, topics and training methodologies. To execute this, BINUS Creates worked together with several faculties from BINUS International Joseph Wibowo Center and BINUS UNIVERSITY such as faculty of Academic Development Center, Research Department-Center, International Business, MM Creative Marketing, Communication, Computing and Media-Computer Science, and Psychology.

In the development of learning courses, it was required to do secondary study like desk study of some internal documents of MPM and benchmark analysis to several places. Aside to that, it was needed to conduct the focus group discussions and interviews with best employees of PT. MPM Mulia–ranging from Board of Directors, General Manager, Manager, Supervisor, and Management Trainee levels–to get broaden point of view of learning methodologies. The results of interviews and focus group discussions would be transcribed into several modules that will be mapped according to their respective competencies and level, and later will be a Proposed Learning Courses.

Proposed Learning Courses that have been approved by MPM Mulia and BINUS was then compiled into syllabus by using constructive alignment so that at any learning outcome from each syllabus can be reached when content of each syllabus is applied in future training. These syllabus consisted of the outline, objectives, text and other resources, course activity, and assessment plan.

Those deliverable of learning courses and syllabus development were taking 10 months development, using several methodologies and best practices from BINUS University.