Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sesparlu is an advanced diplomatic training program for the senior diplomat who has several times assigned abroad. This training is a prerequisite for senior diplomats who have had a minimum degree of diplomatic Counselor for 1 (one) year to be promoted to the next level. This training aims to improve the diplomatic skills of senior diplomats, in particular in the negotiations and advanced public speaking, management and leadership and decision-making process. This training is also intended to enhance the analytical capabilities of participants in identification issues in diplomacy and international relations that impact Indonesia either directly or indirectly.

The program was held for approximately 4 months.


To enhance the ability of participants in leadership, BINUS had a chance to cooperate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in providing the leadership segment in the training for 4 (four) days on March 23 – March 26, 2015.
The purpose of the Leadership Training was to prepare a leader with a focus on the customer, to prepare a leader who can lead change and create a culture of innovation in the relation of collaborative world and for the participants to have the ability to lead in a variety of conditions, interact with others in a manner that can be understood and accepted that ultimately can empower his team through coaching and mentoring in achieving organizational goals.

To achieve these objectives, the material provided relating to how to be a resonant leader, how to lead each member of the team with a different character, how to know yourself and team members, facilitating and coaching, how does a leader make changes and innovations and how a leader build an extraordinary team. The material is equipped with the provision and collection of duties before the training begins, lecturing, presentations, discussions, videos, and games during the training.

Delivery of content and implementation of this training involves several faculties such as Humanities, School of Business Management, School of Computer Science, and Binus Consulting.


From the observation during the training, it was found that the majority of participants showed a friendly and pleasant behavior in group interaction and participants exhibit behaviors that maintain their emotional reactions. From among the participants, some people already showing behavioral initiative to lead and and to take charge in the group’s dynamic.

In this training, one team was selected to be “The Best Team” in the session.  Finally, Based on the evaluation collected from the participants, the training was considered very successful in delivering the knowledge and useful for facing challenges as diplomats who represent Indonesia abroad.