Minitab Training with PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk

Market research is undeniably a required thing for every company to understand the market. It can help the company to understand what the market needs, the characteristics of the market, the factors that change the market and also to evaluate the company’s performance. In addition, doing market research will help the company to decide their next step of business. However, in executing a market r

Self-Directed Learning Training with Universitas Islam Indonesia

In establishing students’ self-learning research, UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia), one of the top universities in Yogyakarta, collaborated with BINUS Creates in making a training program that was intended to share knowledge about how the students apply self-directed learning method in their studies. It is known that, in studying,college students are different from young learners where adult le

Project Assignment Assistance 2012

In the continuation of Executive Education 1 training program, PT PLN (Persero) has agreed to move into the next stage of human resources enrichment program with BINUS Creates. Considering the evaluation of Executive Education 1 that showed satisfying result, PT PLN (Persero) appointed BINUS Creates to provide facilitators that were able to do assistance mentoring for project assignment of Executi

Executive Education 1 Program with PT PLN (Persero)

Human resources department is one of the most valuable assets of a company since it holds essential part for the company’s management system, which will affect the development of the whole structure of the company. In cooperation with BINUS Creates, PT PLN (Persero) established a training program called “Executive Education 1” to improve the competence of its human resources. The participant

Microsoft Excel Training with PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, Tbk

Microsoft Excel is one of spreadsheet applications that has been used by a lot of people in helping them to manage massive amount of data. Various kind of handy analytical tools and the simplicity that Microsoft Excel offers has made it become one of the most practical applications for processing data. Thus, PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana cooperated with BINUS Creates in creating Microsoft Excel trai

English Teaching Program in the Land of the Dragons

Komodo Island, the land of the dragons, is known as one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia. The barren lands and the lack of marine products symbolize the poverty that storms the lives of the people there. In concern of this issue, BINUS Creates, in corporation with Yayasan Komodo Kita and Bank Mandiri, decided to create a project called Train of Trainers. The project aimed to make the quality

BINUS Virtual Campus Project

As one of the top universities in Indonesia, a lot of students have dreamed to be a part of BINUS family. It is an open secret that even though BINUS University is located in Jakarta, a lot of BINUS’ students come from various regions in Indonesia. However, due to distance issue, some students are not able to observe the campus environment directly. Being aware of this matter, the marketing divi

BINUS International School Simprug Video Profile

Being one of the top schools in Indonesia, BINUS International School Simprug supports its students with international standard facilities that will help them in discovering their true potential. In order to make the parents to be familiar with the qualities that it offers, BINUS International School Simprug decided to create a video profile to introduce the parents with the standard that they hav

BCA PPTI Program

Bank Central Asia (BCA), as the top private bank in Indonesia, has a lot of programs as a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. PPTI (Program Pendidikan Teknik Informatika) is one of BCA’s programs that gives chances for the high school graduates from every region in Indonesia who have astonishing achievements to develop and improve their knowledge and skills in Information T
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