Leadership Training for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia – Sesparlu

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sesparlu is an advanced diplomatic training program for the senior diplomat who has several times assigned abroad. This training is a prerequisite for senior diplomats who have had a minimum degree of diplomatic Counselor for 1 (one) year to be promoted to the next level. This training aims to improve the diplomatic skills of senior diplomats, in particular in the neg

Kemlu Indonesia: Enhancing a Better Readership through English Language

As a growing and developing country, Foreign Minister in Indonesia has lots of duties to do, not only to enhance and integrate all provinces, islands, cities, and citizens across Indonesia, but also attempts to recover and grow the economic climate and to improve the image of Indonesia in the eye of the world. Looking beyond such mission, it is needed for the minister to keep both Indonesia citize

Designing A Dream Home: The Workshop

Home is a place to start and end the day, where the family gather and where comfort and warmth existed. Everyone has their own dream home, but considering the economic circumstance nowadays, the desire to own a house is a costive one especially in the urban territory. Building house without developer's service can reduce the investment, besides the owner can fit every corner of the house with h

StartupPedia: empowering BINUSIAN to be Technopreneur

  Gen Y is a generation who is known for high innovation and creativity. They always come up with ideas which often unexpected and unique. Unfortunately, many of them who try to become entrepreneur often made mistakes in the early stage of their business. The good thing is, those failures become great ideas to jump in. Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital, in co

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014: Creating Something out of Nothing

On December 10th – 11th 2014, BINUS Startup Accelerator had finally picked 3 startup teams to join 12-week-acceleration program, where the teams will get not only seed funding, but also mentorship, business networking, access to office facilities and technologies The pitching session was done through 2-day bootcamp. Prior pitching day, there were internal judging session to pick 8 startup fin

DETIK TV – English for Journalist

Journalist cannot be expected to communicate in their own mother-tongue only.  The world is getting smaller and people from all over the world will be in contact on daily basis at work-place. Some aggreement such the 2015 ASEAN Free Trade will speed up the globalization process. Just like in any other industry, people work in mass media are also expected to be able to fully communicate in English

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014

WHAT IS BINUS STARTUP ACCELERATOR? The best way to learn is by doing. BINUS Start Up Accelerator is a series of  pitching-mentorship program for BINUSIAN active students in pursuing entrepreneurial spirit and experiences to potentially scale the business in the market. Through an open application process, students who apply BINUS Startup Accelerator will get several advantages: Free t

Certified Intellectual Property Rights Consultant Training in BINUS University

Jakarta, 1st April 2014, BINUS University and the General Directorate of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) held a signing ceremony for the IPR Consultant Training, at the General Directorate of IPR office, Ministry of Law and Rights, South Jakarta. BINUS was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Johannes A.A. Rumeser, and from the General Directorate of IPR, Parlagutan Lub

PB Jaya Raya Project

PB Jaya Raya is one of the top badminton clubs in Indonesia. As an experienced badminton club, PB Jaya Raya has promoteda lot of potential badminton players. Thus, in order to improve the training program development for the athletes, PB Jaya Raya established an evaluation program by having the veteran badminton players as the participants of research interviews. The result of the evaluation progr
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