To enhance today productivity in daily office task, it is mandatory for employee especialy who manage and play with enormous data to be able to master spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Office Excel. As the most used spreadsheet apps in the world, there are tons of functionality and feature in Excel that are more than capable to help you in managing data such as creating tables of data, basic calculation, charting, pivoting table, up to advance function such as macro programming.

BINUS Creates who pursuit for the development in enterprise capability building, offer this courses in total of 4 levels that can be delivered in up to 6 days of training. These 4 levels are:

  1. Ms Excel Basic – 1 day. Include: Basic interface of Ms Excel, worksheet, using help, entering and editing data (with formula, pictures, etc.), modifying worksheet with references, using function, worksheet formatting, and charting.
  2. Ms Excel Intermediate – 1 day. Include: Using multiple worksheet & workbooks (linking and managing), advanced formatting, cell and range names, table modification, template and setting, web and sharing features, advanced charting, and documenting feature (auditing, comments, protection, workgroup collaboration).
  3. Ms Excel Advance – 1 day. Include: Advanced function, lookup and data table, pivot table and pivot chart, conditional formatting and SmartArt, advanced data management (validating data entries, exploring database functions), export and import, analytical option, and macro & custom function.
  4. Ms Excel VBA Macro – 3 days. Include:  Making Excel Macro, Macro recorder, security, visual basic editor, Macro errors, debugging, object, properties, method, macro programming, and form.

This course has been implemented in numerous enterprise in various industries such as banking, automotive, FMGC, insurance, and so on. The latest in the 1st semester of 2017 are held in Astra International Tbk, Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk, and DBS Bank Indonesia, Tbk.