In the past years emerging computational tools and techniques are having a strong impact on architectural design. Since this time, architects and students of architecture are attempting to embed digital methods into the design process, exploring the new possibilities and challenges that occur.

Parametric modeling and digital fabrication offer new ways to develop designs allowing working methods based on procedure first rather than the geometric forms. The workshop is based around teaching of nature’s evolutionary approach to design, overview of digital tools, techniques and ideas through hands-on design of a 3D-printed product. Participants learned how to design and model a 3-dimensional node structures specifically for 3D printing.

The course went through the processes of constructing an algorithm, customization, 3D printing and fabrication. Participants were introduced to parametric modeling tools in Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, which allowed them to create and visualize unique custom designs. For this purpose, 3D printers were available for experimental needs. Participants had the opportunity to get their designs manufactured and learn about all the aspects of the fabrication process. In the end, participants had their prototypes 3D printed.

The course was led by Dr. Firza Utama, S.T., M.Eng. as lecturer from Architecture department of Binus University within 2 days:

  • 1st day on November 26th 2016 @ Anggrek Campus
  • 2nd day on December 3rd 2016 @ Syahdan Campus