BINUS Creates collaborating with BINUS UNIVERSITY Psychology Department have been providing psychological services center since 2012 including talent assessment, career assessment, school readiness assessment, counseling and therapy for children and adolescent, marriage readiness, career and interests, and professional assessment for industry.

One of the examples is the talent assessment. Middle and high school students take the test to find out various talents possessed. For high school students in particular, by carrying out this test they will understand more about the majors that fit their abilities and talents. Talent Assessment can be done individually (coming directly to the psychology laboratory with an agreement) or collectively organized by the school.

On the other side, we also have counseling sessions helps children and young people to face their unique world problems. Adolescence as a very unstable and full of change (both biologically and psychologically) creates many conflicts in family, school, and the surrounding environment. This counseling service helps children and adolescents to solve the problems they face.

Finally, with all experiences we have, BINUS Creates frequently support companies for observing and profiling employees during the Management and Leadership Development Program using frameworks and rubrics developed by these psychology experts. Several framework is customized under the collaboration with Lumina from Manchester University. Partners invested using our products come from state-owned enterprise, banks and multi finance, services industry, foundation for Indonesia badminton athletes, etc. Hope we can support you institutions in years ahead.