Dr. Peri Akbar’s professional journey started after he completed his MBA where he spends his first six years as a project business analyst handling various local and international investment projects. His love in modelling and valuation brought him into two years of several local and international partnerships in trading and marketing projects, including value-added service provider and SMS & MMS based application services (m-Retail, m-Campus, and MMS-Broadcast). He then acquired as a team member in a revamping project consisting of industries including property, hospitality, and agri-business. For four years, his team successfully structured IDR400B of debt into profitable retail property activities. Finally, for six years, he involves in international trade activities with China and Taiwan before joining BINUS.

His keen interest in sharing contemporary business competitiveness and innovation issues propelled him to become a lecturer. Broadly known as an inspiring lecturer, he actively conducts research and developing case studies related to emerging markets in the area of omnichannel, corporate leadership, financial technology, and gamification. In addition to that, he also enthusiastically involves coaches in several corporate university partners. Currently, he holds a position as the Deputy Head of the Master of Business Management Program at BINUS Business School.


· Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing, Universitas Indonesia

· Master of Business Administration, University of New Haven (USA)

· Bachelor of Science, University of New Haven (USA)


Professional Services

· Experienced as a Facilitator for leadership sessions developed for emerging diplomats conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

· More than 2 years of experience as a Consultant, Facilitator, Material Developer, and Concept & Module Development in Banking/ Financial Services