Andry Chowanda, S.Kom, MM., Ph.D., MBCS

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Game Technology, Information Technology, Pedagogy

Andry is the Head of Game Application and Technology Program at BINUS University. His innate passion for game and gamification led him to explore further in Agent Architecture and Machine (and Deep) Learning in which he designs an agent that has capability to sense and perceive the environment with the aim of building a sustainable social relationship. His research interests are Convolutional Neural Network for Face Recognition in mobile phones, emotional and socially realistic game companions with personality and generative Indonesian Conversation Model Using Recurrent Neural Network with Attention Mechanism.

Driven with continuous innovation, Andry along with other experts has an IP of Innovation and Drone technology. Andry has also received several research grants from Microsoft and NVIDIA International. Currently, Andry have 3 Artificial Intelligence certificates, Deep Learning with TensorFlow certificate, Python for Data Science certificate, and he is also a Certified Cloud Practitioner.


· Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, University of Nottingham (UK)

· Master of Management, BINUS Business School, BINUS University

· Bachelor of Computer Science, BINUS University

Professional Services

· More than 3 years of experience as a Consultant, Facilitator, and Material & Concept Developer in Banking/ Financial & Technology Industries

· More than 2 years of experience as a Research Assistant in European Union Horizon Project.

· More than 2 years of experience as a Pedagogy Specialist for Global Technology Companies

· More than 2 years of experience as a Web Design Team Trainer for Indonesia in International Competitions

· Curriculum and content developer in specific area of expertise