BINUS Startup Accelerator Batch 4 is OPEN!

After awhile, Binus Startup Accelerator (BiSA) batch 4 is back. With new faces and curriculum, 4th batch is hopefully gonna be more challenging and fun for the startup enthusiasts. Based from experiences and analysis from previous batches, this 4th batch will focus the selection on market validation, where BiSA will only selects startups with MVP or beta version ready. The selection prog

BiSA BUBAR: Business Startup Set Up 101

To raise and keep the engagement of startup enthusiasts within BINUS University students and fresh graduates, BiSA created startup community through social media and mobile messenger channel. It was started back in May 2016, and after one month running, the program was launched along with the break fasting in the Ramadhan month at the end of June. This event has been held on June 23rd at T

Startup Night: Dine 2 Connect

After a long and many stories that have been through for the two batches and the new comer the third batch, the program team realized that this was just a baby step and BINUS Startup Accelerator team realized that they needed to give thanks everyone who support in many ways after until almost two years. So to celebrate the 2-year journey as well as to give thanks, BINUS Startup Accelerator h

BINUS Startup Accelerator Batch 2: Great Idea, Excellent Execution!

Jakarta - On 13th June 2015, BINUS Creates had opened BINUS Startup Accelerator Batch 2 registration for BINUS University active students and alumnae. BINUS Startup Accelerator has several phases before choosing the selected team to join the incubation program. This phases involved people from internal and external BINUS.     Judging Phase This phase consists of 2 judging perspectiv

BINUS Startup Accelerator: DEMO DAY

BINUS Startup Accelerator Batch 2

BINUS Startup Accelerator Batch 2 is open, now alumni can join, too! Check out the terms and conditions and register yourself here: http://form.ict.binus.edu/bsaalumnae2015 Registration opens until 24th of August, 2015  


Hackathon Startup Asia Jakarta, was held 24 hours nonstop on November 15-16, 2014  at BINUS UNIVERSITY. More than 200 participants from Indonesia participated at the event, which is held by Tech in Asia. Started in 2011, Hackathon was held in three countries: Singapore, Tokyo, and Indonesia, and this year, the competition was held in BINUS University campus. This was also the first time for Te

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014 – Match Up Event

BINUS Creates, in collaboration with BINUS Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) create an incubation program to build business titled BINUS Startup Accelerator. The idea of BINUS Startup Accelerator came from the goal of BINUS University; that 2 out of 3 graduates work in global companies or become entrepreneurs. As part of the BINUS Startup Accelerator program, Match Up event was held to gather all p

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014

WHAT IS BINUS STARTUP ACCELERATOR? The best way to learn is by doing. BINUS Start Up Accelerator is a series of  pitching-mentorship program for BINUSIAN active students in pursuing entrepreneurial spirit and experiences to potentially scale the business in the market. Through an open application process, students who apply BINUS Startup Accelerator will get several advantages: Free t