BINUS Creates, in collaboration with BINUS Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) create an incubation program to build business titled BINUS Startup Accelerator. The idea of BINUS Startup Accelerator came from the goal of BINUS University; that 2 out of 3 graduates work in global companies or become entrepreneurs.

As part of the BINUS Startup Accelerator program, Match Up event was held to gather all participants to get to know each other, share ideas, and make a team consist of respective roles: developer, designer, and marketer.

Why Match Up? Based on Focus Group Discussion, it is found that many of BINUSIAN did not really know and engage with their friends from another major. Students from IT major find it difficult to develop an application with sleek design; meanwhile, students majoring in Business and Management have tons of business idea but hardly know how to make it into a product. Then the idea of matching up is raised so students who are passionate in entrepreneurship and technology from all majors can meet up and discuss their ideas.

Match Up event was held on October 11, 2014, at Recreation Room, Library Knowledge Center, Anggrek Campus. Aside for students who participate the program, the event was also attended by startup practitioners, few of them were Fung Fuk Lestario, former Director of Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI), Boto Simatupang as Vice Rector of Global Employability and Entrepreneurship, Dezie L Warganegara, PhD., Deputy Director of BINUS Creates, Evlin Wijanarko, Manager of BINUS Entrepreneurship Center, and Faculty Member from School of Design.


From over 100 students who already registered BINUS Startup Accelerator, the Match Up event was attended by more than 50 students from various major at BINUS University. The event is filled with enthusiasm and ideas from students throughout sharing and networking session.


“Be adventurous, Be Trustworthy, and Have fun!” were some of the spirit shared by Fung in his speech. Many of the students were so excited about the program and asking for opinion and suggestion from practitioners during the event. Also, they’re socializing with other students to discuss ideas and talk about team structure. Nevertheless, some of them were team-ready, while many of the students were finally getting them from the event.

Upon Match Up event, students submitted their ideas along with team structures with only 6 slides of the presentation. Looking beyond the spirited participants, the submission was opened until October 22nd. Selected ideas will be picked and the finalists will be announced at the end of November throughout emails and post on Facebook page (