Kemlu Indonesia: Enhancing a Better Readership through English Language

As a growing and developing country, Foreign Minister in Indonesia has lots of duties to do, not only to enhance and integrate all provinces, islands, cities, and citizens across Indonesia, but also attempts to recover and grow the economic climate and to improve the image of Indonesia in the eye of the world. Looking beyond such mission, it is needed for the minister to keep both Indonesia citize

Intensive Course On Inclusive Education 2015

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Psychology BINUS Workshop Series

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DETIK TV – English for Journalist

Journalist cannot be expected to communicate in their own mother-tongue only.  The world is getting smaller and people from all over the world will be in contact on daily basis at work-place. Some aggreement such the 2015 ASEAN Free Trade will speed up the globalization process. Just like in any other industry, people work in mass media are also expected to be able to fully communicate in English

Certified Intellectual Property Rights Consultant Training in BINUS University

Jakarta, 1st April 2014, BINUS University and the General Directorate of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) held a signing ceremony for the IPR Consultant Training, at the General Directorate of IPR office, Ministry of Law and Rights, South Jakarta. BINUS was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Johannes A.A. Rumeser, and from the General Directorate of IPR, Parlagutan Lub

PB Jaya Raya Project

PB Jaya Raya is one of the top badminton clubs in Indonesia. As an experienced badminton club, PB Jaya Raya has promoteda lot of potential badminton players. Thus, in order to improve the training program development for the athletes, PB Jaya Raya established an evaluation program by having the veteran badminton players as the participants of research interviews. The result of the evaluation progr

Self-Directed Learning Training with Universitas Islam Indonesia

In establishing students’ self-learning research, UII (Universitas Islam Indonesia), one of the top universities in Yogyakarta, collaborated with BINUS Creates in making a training program that was intended to share knowledge about how the students apply self-directed learning method in their studies. It is known that, in studying,college students are different from young learners where adult le

Executive Education 1 Program with PT PLN (Persero)

Human resources department is one of the most valuable assets of a company since it holds essential part for the company’s management system, which will affect the development of the whole structure of the company. In cooperation with BINUS Creates, PT PLN (Persero) established a training program called “Executive Education 1” to improve the competence of its human resources. The participant

English Teaching Program in the Land of the Dragons

Komodo Island, the land of the dragons, is known as one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia. The barren lands and the lack of marine products symbolize the poverty that storms the lives of the people there. In concern of this issue, BINUS Creates, in corporation with Yayasan Komodo Kita and Bank Mandiri, decided to create a project called Train of Trainers. The project aimed to make the quality
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