Jakarta, 1st April 2014, BINUS University and the General Directorate of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) held a signing ceremony for the IPR Consultant Training, at the General Directorate of IPR office, Ministry of Law and Rights, South Jakarta. BINUS was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Dr. Johannes A.A. Rumeser, and from the General Directorate of IPR, Parlagutan Lubis, S.H., M.H., as the Director of Cooperation and Promotion. The event was also witnessed by the Head of Business Law Department, Dr. Shidarta, the Deputy Head of Business Law Department, Paulus A.F. Dwi Santo and the PIC of the training program, Besar S.H., M.H.

Under this agreement, the Business Law Department of BINUS University was appointed as the organizer of the Certified Intellectual Property Rights Consultant Training, which is essentially the basis for the appointment of a licensed IPR legal counsel. The training lasts for three months, which is planned to be held in the third week of May 2014. Slots available for this training are very limited, so those who are interested are expected to contact BINUS Creates as soon as possible. Only applicants who pass the selection will be accepted as participants. Selection test is planned to be on May 17, 2014.

Serious enthusiasts may register to BINUS Creates by contacting:

  • HENNY (+62-21) 5345830 ext. 1908; HMELVINA@BINUS.EDU
  • ATMAWATI (+62-21) 5345830 ext. 1906; ATMAWATI@BINUS.EDU
  • LIUS STEVENĀ (+62-21) 5345830 ext. 1906; LSANJAYA@BINUS.EDU

Or come to BINUS Anggrek Campus, Jl. Kebun Raya Orange no. 27, West Jakarta.