PB Jaya Raya is one of the top badminton clubs in Indonesia. As an experienced badminton club, PB Jaya Raya has promoteda lot of potential badminton players. Thus, in order to improve the training program development for the athletes, PB Jaya Raya established an evaluation program by having the veteran badminton players as the participants of research interviews. The result of the evaluation program indicated that in order to win in a competition, the technical skills of a player is not enough. The mentality of the players can be a deciding factor in winning a match, which is a problem for some of badminton players who lack strong mentality. The pressure gained from the opponent andthe high expectation from the supporters will put a heavy burden in the shoulder of the players, which can end up in the mentality breakdown for the players. The combination of great technical skills and the mentality of a champion is the winning formula that is needed by every badminton player. PB Jaya Raya acknowledged that fact, and worked together with BINUS Creates to hold a training program to hone the mentality of the badminton players and also the trainers of the athletes.

In this program, BINUS Creates was helped by the experts from the Faculty of Psychology. This program was divided into two phases, where the first phase was participated by the badminton athletes and the second phase was participated by the trainers of the athletes. The first phase of the program was executed for 3 days and joined by approximately 50 participants. The players were enriched about the psychology theories about how to build a strong mentality and how to maintain the stability of the mentality when they are put in an intensive situation. They also learned about how to set goals, stay motivated and positive, do mental imagery and how to deal with anxiety, while the trainers were taught the tips about how to help the athletes in doing so