Journalist cannot be expected to communicate in their own mother-tongue only.  The world is getting smaller and people from all over the world will be in contact on daily basis at work-place. Some aggreement such the 2015 ASEAN Free Trade will speed up the globalization process. Just like in any other industry, people work in mass media are also expected to be able to fully communicate in English with others (other journalists, civilians, experts, etc). To smooth the process, BINUS Creates provides a service to assist DETIK TV to improve its journalists in communicating, delivering a presentation, and writing/editing in English.

English for Journalists Program is a 12 week English training program aimed to help improve participants’ skill and proficiency in giving presentation and sharing ideas on mass media-related contexts.  Designed in a workshop – like approach, the program induced participants to actively participate and present their ideas in the challenging and professional settings.




Training Activities:

  1.  Presentations and discussions. Participants deliver presentations using visual aids such as, videos, pictures, or even live demos using correct pronunciations, proper body language, and grammar (professional and standard English usage).
  2. Writing and editing. Participants are required to write or translate short articles before editing them.
  3. Quizzes. Participants will be assessed through the presentations and active participations during mock professional meetings’ discussions.
  4. Feedbacks. Feedbacks are given in two ways; Oral (on the spot) and Recorded feedbacks.  Some of the participants’ presentations will be recorded and students will receive feedbacks from the mentor.