ATM Anti-Skimmer

Abstract More than 2 million ATMs serve the world’s retail banking market. This number grows each day along with ATM crime. A new technology was needed to prevent the increasing number of ATM Crime. BINUS Creates provides a solution to prevent  ATM Crime. Result BINUS creates offers anti-skimmer device that installed in ATMs. The device can detect the existence of unidentified object attache

Mobile Education Game For Young Children

Abstract It has been common these days that young children use tablets (as well as smartphones and other devices with touch screens) in their early education. This phenomenon raises an important question regarding the most effective ways to deliver contents to these young children. One of the ways to dose is through the use of interactive technology. This type of technology can help children spee

IT Based Performance Measurement Tools using Balance Scorecard

Abstract Managing performance has never been an easy task. Every organization or company (especially a big one) has myriad activities and people to monitor and control. This very problem is faced by one of our clients. As an Indonesian government organization, our client has a complex organization structure that operates in every corner of the nation. The need to measure organization performance

The Power of Video Profile: How Visual Represents Your Company’s Image

Abstract It’s estimated that video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online text. Furthermore, 80% of internet users could recall watching an online video they had visited in the past 30 days, while 46% took some action after viewing them. To consumers, corporate branding represents a level of quality that they have come to expect from the company. The value of the brand i

The Spirit of Teaching “How to Teach English” Reduces Poverty

Abstract A non-profit organization has been trying to reduce poverty to one of the poorest province in Indonesia. With the intention of making this province as one of main tourist destinations in Indonesia along with the support from a national bank, this organization equipped talented local people with English-teaching competency. Binus Creates in collaboration with English Department from Facul

A Technical Competency-Based Assessment that Serves a Better Career Path

Abstract A large financial institution with hundreds branches all over Indonesia relies on IT division to support their core services. Having a strong technology service-related vision for the year ahead, this division should own complete IT skill sets. It also needs to be enhanced in the area of business process, IT infrastructure, and IT security. BINUS Creates in collaboration with BINUS Univ
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