Managing performance has never been an easy task. Every organization or company (especially a big one) has myriad activities and people to monitor and control. This very problem is faced by one of our clients. As an Indonesian government organization, our client has a complex organization structure that operates in every corner of the nation. The need to measure organization performance led to the search of the right methodology resulted in the adoption Balance Scorecard Method by this organization.

The Challenge

Monitoring performance is a continuous activity that involving all aspects of organization over a long period of time. The complexity in performance monitoring increases in the same direction with the increase in the size, scope, and activity integration of an organization. In order to accommodate the intensity, cross level, cross function performance measurement, an organization must adopt a supporting tools that can connect employees from all levels and all department/function on continuous basis.

How we help

BINUS Creates formed a team that consisted of  highly experienced lecturers  from School of Information System, School of Computer Science and Software Laboratory Center, and BINUS Graduates Program. These experts worked intensively with one of notable Balance Scorecard consulting firm to create an Information System as a  tool to help the client to monitor and measure the performance of its organization.


With our Performance Information System, our client can monitor its work units down to individual basis. Every unit and employees has their own scorecards that tell them a number of accomplishments and how far should they go to achieve targets. Their supervisors have the access to monitor subordinates’ performance from the operational to the strategic levels.