BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014: Creating Something out of Nothing

On December 10th – 11th 2014, BINUS Startup Accelerator had finally picked 3 startup teams to join 12-week-acceleration program, where the teams will get not only seed funding, but also mentorship, business networking, access to office facilities and technologies The pitching session was done through 2-day bootcamp. Prior pitching day, there were internal judging session to pick 8 startup fin

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014 – Match Up Event

BINUS Creates, in collaboration with BINUS Entrepreneurship Center (BEC) create an incubation program to build business titled BINUS Startup Accelerator. The idea of BINUS Startup Accelerator came from the goal of BINUS University; that 2 out of 3 graduates work in global companies or become entrepreneurs. As part of the BINUS Startup Accelerator program, Match Up event was held to gather all p

BINUS Startup Accelerator 2014

WHAT IS BINUS STARTUP ACCELERATOR? The best way to learn is by doing. BINUS Start Up Accelerator is a series of  pitching-mentorship program for BINUSIAN active students in pursuing entrepreneurial spirit and experiences to potentially scale the business in the market. Through an open application process, students who apply BINUS Startup Accelerator will get several advantages: Free t
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