Gen Y is a generation who is known for high innovation and creativity. They always come up with ideas which often unexpected and unique. Unfortunately, many of them who try to become entrepreneur often made mistakes in the early stage of their business. The good thing is, those failures become great ideas to jump in.

Fenox Venture Capital, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital, in collaboration with BINUS University held a seminar and the launch of a book entitled StartupPedia on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015. That book is written by Anis Uzzaman, Ph.D, who is General Partner and Founding Member of Fenox Venture Capital. Opened by Dr. Ir. Boto Simatupang, MBP, as Vice Rector Global Employability & Entrepreneurship BINUS UNIVERSITY, the session was then continued by seminar directly from the author of StartupPedia who shared the experiences and knowledges that he had about the world of startup as outlined in the book.


The Meetup session, that was held on Anggrek Campus BINUS University, discussed clearly about all in StartupPedia book. To start, the book mentioned about how to be a business entrepreneur on IT industry. For details, being entrepreneurs is all about how-to in every section in a business; how to build a good team, how to make a creative and innovative product, and no less important is how to revenue through patent. The book also explains the steps of strategy and activities of marketing, getting revenue, and also how to exit.

Anis Uzzaman, PhD, shared his experience venturing business in Silicon Valley
Anis Uzzaman, PhD, shared his experience venturing business in Silicon Valley

Anis explained that having a balanced and a good team become a success key for entrepreneurs. A team can be from networks built on everyday life. “You can be the next Mark Zuckerberg,” said Anis. He believes that there are many young men in Indonesia having a high and creative ideas, hence Anis believe the book will help.

“This is the first book that provides comprehensive guidance for startups,” said William E. Wijaya, Regional Manager SEA of Fenox Venture Capital. The book has been sold over 70000 prints in South Korea and Japan, and is said to be guide for all newbie technopreneurs. This book also has variant materials include case studies that allow the readers to know further about startup world.

Attended by Entreprenurship students and startup residents at BINUS Startup Accelerator, William also said collaboration with BINUS University was because its students has a strong position in IT industry and are innovative and creative.