Fundamental Design Training for Automotive Company

  Abstract It is known that Indonesia is one of the biggest market of the automotive industry, looking beyond the large usage of both motorcycles and cars on the road. In mid 2014, the total of vehicles in Indonesia reaches 104.211 million units, where ¬†for motorcycle alone have more than 86 million users. Aside to the fact given, Indonesia also has one of the biggest national automoti

Designing A Dream Home: The Workshop

Home is a place to start and end the day, where the family gather and where comfort and warmth existed. Everyone has their own dream home, but considering the economic circumstance nowadays, the desire to own a house is a costive one especially in the urban territory. Building house without developer's service can reduce the investment, besides the owner can fit every corner of the house with h

Workshop “Designing Our Dream Home”

A dream house, a place to rest, a shelter to take cover, a structure to raise a family, a building that we would love to call a home. Of course, renovating your home can be rewarding when you are fully informed and you have ended up with your dream home. Sometimes designing and renovating can have a series of challenges. Choosing your design, finding the right architect, getting quotes and selecti

BINUS Animation Studio

[embed width="640" height="480"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syfrjJ6Y-Zw&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

BINUS International School Simprug Video Profile

Being one of the top schools in Indonesia, BINUS International School Simprug supports its students with international standard facilities that will help them in discovering their true potential. In order to make the parents to be familiar with the qualities that it offers, BINUS International School Simprug decided to create a video profile to introduce the parents with the standard that they hav
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