Home is a place to start and end the day, where the family gather and where comfort and warmth existed. Everyone has their own dream home, but considering the economic circumstance nowadays, the desire to own a house is a costive one especially in the urban territory.

Building house without developer’s service can reduce the investment, besides the owner can fit every corner of the house with his/her own taste. But the next issue will be the architect and interior design fee that is quite costly, considering their service can be very crucial.

Looking beyond this phenomenon, BINUS University through Architecture Program collaborated with Architect Firm (Studio Arsitek Tropis) to arrange the “Designing Our Dream Home” workshop. This workshop was open to everyone who pursue their dream home. Held on May 5th, it presented Ren Katili, Albertus Prawata, and Wendy Chandra as the speakers. Two of the speakers (Ren Katili and Albertus Prawata) are lecturers from the Architecture Program at BINUS University.

During the workshop, twenty participants were given both of the theoretical brief and practice, start from house designing, material choosing, room setting, lighting as well as furniture selection. The speakers also shared their knowledge about the construction budgeting, the permit, and end to end development processes; to utilize minimum cost for the maximum outcome.

dream home 03

In order to help the participants in the workshop, everyone was accompanied by a mentor (senior student of Architecture Program) whose main responsibility was to assist in the architecture design using particular modeling software.

Overall, this activity not only beneficial for the participants, but also a good experience for the mentor which was BINUSIAN. They had the opportunity to apply their academics knowledge and skills into a real design in the real society.