It is known that Indonesia is one of the biggest market of the automotive industry, looking beyond the large usage of both motorcycles and cars on the road. In mid 2014, the total of vehicles in Indonesia reaches 104.211 million units, where  for motorcycle alone have more than 86 million users. Aside to the fact given, Indonesia also has one of the biggest national automotive company which produces and distributes the vehicles across Indonesia. Looking beyond the usage, this makes the it is important for companies in the automotive industry to be creative to design and  to produce  the vehicle. It then became the trigger for one of the automotive companies to give training to its employees, not only in the industrial design department but also to the marketing department, so there is a linkage between departments on how to give the product an image to its targeted market.

To take advantage of the growing market for design in the automotive industry, especially in Indonesia market, BINUS Creates together with the School of Design (SOD) at BINUS University, decided to give training of fundamental design in the automotive industry for the automotive company. The aims of the training are to improve knowledge and competencies about the market and then to help them to perform better in the company in the job-scene they’re working at.


The Challenge

With the participants from industrial design and also marketing department, it was then becoming a challenge to develop the learning outcome of the training, given the condition that every participant have different understanding and talents about design. Another challenge is about the training participants, whereby the age range of the participants is quite wide and many of them have long time have been quite a while not sitting in a class. Making the participants focused on the training session will then become an challenge to make the training interesting to participate.


How We Helped

After having a discussion with the company about the aims and challenges they face, we then try to develop the training method easier to understand through some solutions:

  1. The topic is a fundamental design with specific examples of the automotive industry,
  2. For a better understanding, training deliverables are given through games and case study activities about fundamental design in the automotive industry.

The solution is delivered into 4 days training, and since the participants are active employees, no homework or case study is given to them.



It is said that the excitement of learning separates youth from old age; as long as you are learning you’re not old. Learning can be fun if it can be delivered through activities and It is a fun activity to make it easier to understand and longer time to remember. Combining the training with the games and case study related to work life helps the participant to follow the learning session and also hopefully helps the participant to implement in his work later.