Our services inherently have distinctive signatures that provide answers to our clients’ business issues with the academic proven application of state of the art technologies and concepts with more then 1500 experts from more than 40 departments in BINUS UNIVERSITY. The cycle of solution formulation and implementation above is our way to ensure mutual benefits received by our clients and BINUS

BINUS Animation Studio

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Technology, unquestionably, has proven its availability as a great assistance in improving the efficiency of our works. It has been around and spreading into every field as a deciding factor in our lives. Education is one of those fields that has been implementing the utilities that technology offers as a part of it. The synchronization between education and technology has resulted in a beneficial

SODIC: Sound & Digital Classroom

Background SODIC project is developed under collaboration between Computing Laboratory, School of Computer Science and IT Directorate – BINUS University, Indonesia. This project was started on November 2011 and involving 4 lecturers and 9 students. Focus SODIC is a software tool that helps lecturers/teachers in the teaching process at language laboratory and only focus in voice comm


BINUS Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) Program was established based on the growing significance of Bahasa Indonesia in the global era, especially because Indonesia itself has a strategic location among ASEAN countries, potential natural resources, and a unique variety of cultures. Therefore, Bahasa Indonesia is expected to be a 'bridge' for its cause in improving other countries' unde