Technology, unquestionably, has proven its availability as a great assistance in improving the efficiency of our works. It has been around and spreading into every field as a deciding factor in our lives. Education is one of those fields that has been implementing the utilities that technology offers as a part of it. The synchronization between education and technology has resulted in a beneficial combination that helps not only the students but also the teachers to experience a new model of modern education system. BINUS University, as an advanced modern education institution, has developed countless functional education–based IT products. These products are designed to support the education system in order to bring it into a whole new level. One of BINUS’ latest IT products is “Sokrates System”, which is a web-based application that aims to ensure the process of management for education institutions to run as efficient as it can.

“Sokrates System” is developed by the School of Information System of BINUS University and acts as a supporting operational system that offers the school a practical managerial system. This system proposes improved process flow, savings, branding and also a better quality of interaction. “Sokrates System” covers most of school management needs through its systematic features. The features include user management, school administration, asset management, e-services, e-library, etc. This application is also able to store massive amount of students’ data, monitor the progress of the students and keep those data starting from the first day they enroll until their graduation days. This application have been implemented in two famous schools in Indonesia, which are Notre Dame and also Putra Harapan Purwokerto.





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