The rapid development of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) has increasingly felt its long-term impact for many companies in various industries. Financial services include industries that have an impact. Before looking further into the future of ICT, financial service players need to know the various trends that have occurred in financial services throughout 2018 and need to think about how to anticipate them.

5 Trends to Watch in Banking Technology in 2018:

  1. Banks Will Enhance Services with External APIs. IDC, by the end of 2018, 50% of global Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks will offer at least 5 external APIs. Banks are increasingly partnering with FinTech companies via open APIs.
  2. Will Mobile Banking Become More Frictionless
  3. Artificial Intelligence Will Improve the Customer Experience
  4. Security Will Become More Robust via Biometrics
  5. IoT Will Be Deployed on Small Scale, Eg. A customer can walk into a branch of your use beacons or sensors to authenticate a customer via their biometrics. (Beacon technology)

Bank BCA as one of the largest banks in Indonesia also realizes that they need to provide knowledge in a sustainable manner to its employees. Located at the Santika Premiere Hotel Jakarta on September 22, 2018, BINUS has provided a workshop on the topic of banking digitalization with a focus on export impor remittance to 18 division heads and deputy heads of divisions.

The purpose of this training is for company leaders to think of anticipatory steps towards various developments of ICT in the future such as data communication technology, data centers, IoT, sensor and sensing, integrated systems, robotic technology, health technology for the long-term sustainability of the company.