In the previous article about “Sharpening the Corporate Culture”, there is a scope of project called strategic communication blueprint. Communication is the key to change management. To be successful in change management, there are several communication strategies as below.

  1. Dialogical ApproachLack of dialogue will make employees reluctant to any change. Thus, enforcing dialogical approach and interactive communication could be one of this communication strategy.
  2. Proactive Attitude Encourage proactive attitude to all organization member will help the implementation of this communication strategy.
  3. Reinforcing Messages To maximize the impact of this communication strategy, it is recommended to reinforce messages in variety of activities and channels.
  4. Using storytellingStories will help any corporation to simplify vision and values. The right storytelling also encourage engagement between employees and organization.

To deliver the message effectively, first we have to define the objectives and target audiences, then indeed the key messages. Afterwards, aligning the message and timeline is very important due to the expected change behaviour on the current moment.

This article then will discuss more on visual implementation of each BINUS CREATES project under Design Area. In developing such comprehensive planning, our team consists of experts from both the Communication Department and Creative Advertising Department of BINUS University. They are Yuanita Safitri, S.Sos.m M.I.Kom., Arif Prijono Susilo Ahmad, S.A., S.N.,  and Budi Sriherlambang, S.Sn., M in Imagineering.

In managing client expectation, BINUS CREATES can start using the mood board to get the feel from the clients. Examples of mood board as above. The mood board enables our client to see the design direction we are moving towards before we invest hours upon hours of work into designing. After having the same understanding, we then move to the visual implemention.

Visual implementation has several elements such as typography, design look, tone and manner, color, photography, layout, and form. Each element is crucial for the communication channel.

Example of typography

Once all elements are ready and settled with the clients, guidance of each derivative products can be made. One of the example is as below. Do it right for the best composition and standardization so that effective communication can happen.