When customers visit the website, you use one of these opportunities to attract their attention by giving a good first impression to the customer. Adding videos to the website can increase your company’s visibility quickly and can improve the appearance of the website to make it look more dynamic.

Videos can be personalized in a way that helps build more emotional connections with the audience and builds a sense of customer trust in the company’s brand.

Customers who feel an impressive experience from their involvement with a company will also more easily disseminate videos to their connections both through social media and mouth-to-mouth.

Videos allow visitors to receive information simply by sitting and viewing content that is presented without spending a lot of effort but can keep visitors from looking longer.

The use of videos can be accompanied by interesting keywords in the selection of the title and tagline to attract more visitors.

Online video is the most attractive digital marketing mode that can provide immediate awareness. The videos shown can be in the form of short videos that contain visitors to the website and an introduction to the company’s value. Videos can also be used to support the latest events or activities in your company.

Brand organization is a mental image that someone has when he hears the name of the organization. Therefore, the use of video can be used as an option to improve and strengthen the impact of branding to encourage company visibility.