LAMPTKes is an accreditation institution in the health industry that was established in 2016. As a newly established company, LAMPTKes needs to build a strong corporate foundation. One of them is the foundation of human resources. The synergy between teams must continue to be built so that the team is always solid in running the company.

On 06 – 07 April 2018 which was held in Lembur Pancawati, Bogor, West Java, BINUS provided team building training for LAMPTKes with the theme “Touching with Heart”. Through this theme, individuals will develop an inner awareness that starts from the heart.

The ultimate goal of this activity is to improve mutual respect, mutual trust, better communication and coordination.

To support this goal several activities such as “Golden Fish” were created to show the team’s maximum performance to be the best. “Water Impulse” this activity teaches individuals to enjoy the process that goes on behind a success. “Points of You” this activity is to describe more clearly about yourself and about the relationship with the team.

And finally for 2 days of training, individuals have displayed various attitudes such as leadership, caring, never giving up and competitive attitudes.