The tech revolution will bring more connection, more automation, and more significant impact in business and investment than ever before, and the revolution has just begun. Competition becomes tighter with the entrance of startup players in several industries. In order to keep up to date with the new trend and sustain its position as the market leader in each industry, a company should prepare the future leaders as early as possible. The question is how?

BINUS CREATES collaborating with several faculties in BINUS UNIVERSITY including BINUS Business School, School of Computer Sciences, School of Information Systems, and Entrepreneurship Centers have been developing curriculum and framework for professionals related to IT, digital business, and innovation. This framework was firstly deployed for a bank in 2017 adopting project based learning and design thinking approach. The idea is to put every piece of skill and knowledge comprehensively in each topic delivered by a learning facilitator. Learning design thinking is different with implement design thinking process for the whole ideation and project execution. By putting several skill sets in each topic and combined them with experiential learning, learning process runs more effectively and the result is improved a lot. Millennial participants like it as it engage them more. Developing mini project as a simulation give participants higher confidence level to develop the real company one later on including its presentation skill.

This framework is then customized for several big banks, multi finances, distribution company, and internal BINUS itself. Institutions implement the curriculum in different learning period based on the objectives they set. In some cases, we also combine the psychological services for employee assessment and profiling to make it even complete. Many of our clients like it so much as it give better perspective of how the real-life company does especially for the management trainee and supervisory program.