As the development of technology, especially the development of web-based applications and mobile makes the creative design world more assisted, one of which helps transform raw data into infographic-based information.

Infographic have been one of the best answers in recent years in terms of providing ease and understanding of information because of their visual nature. it has various supporting elements so it becomes more interesting and makes it easier for the reader to digest the message delivered.

Infographic are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.

“I certainly am interested in accessibility, clarity, and immediacy.”

– Paul Muldoon

Clarity affords focus.”

– Thomas Leonard

INDONESIA CABINET SECRETARIAT also realized that the representation of information with infographic base is more effective and efficient including in writing reports.

On August 2017, located in Design Laboratory Syahdan Campus BINUS University, experts in design from BINUS CREATES delivered infographic training to 15 staff of the Indonesia Cabinet Secretariat.

The training curriculum is tailored to the needs and has accommodated the ease of learning of the participants, considering that the participants have different backgrounds such as law, computer science, political science, economics, etc. who certainly have no design understanding at all.

The curriculum provided includes: introduction to graphic design, basic design, data constructing & information to visual, graphic tool in software design, infographic design project, publishing infographic.

Riskan Maulana, a participant with computer science background said “I don’t have any previous experience or interaction with software design, but I began to see the pleasure when I studied this infographic, I get to stimulate and express my imagination into creation. Designing is fun, also utilizing the software isn’t as complicated as I thought.”

After Five days training, the participants were able to :

  • Understand the principles of graphic design
  • Understand the process of visual design communication
  • created rough sketch
  • understand the elements of Design ( colors, letters, numbers, icons, illustration, graphic)
  • Operates design software / tools supports
  • Created printed design graphic poster