The development of digital technology innovation continues to have a significant and influential impact on business models across industries. Financial services industry is one of industry that got affected, especially (the one with traditional business model) that still traditional.

Deloitte (2015) said that Digital Financial Services (DFS) may be the next big thing that will happen in Indonesia, this is seen with the increasing use of mobile phones and investor interest in financial services.

DFS offers opportunities for approximately 110 million citizens to access banking services and products that can not be facilitated by banks. With the increasing use of mobile phones, internet penetration in Indonesia is expected to grow rapidly and reach 100 million users in the next three years.

PT. ASTRA SEDAYA FINANCE also known as ASTRA CREDIT COMPANY, is one of market leaders in financial services. ItÂ’s management has predicted that there is a great opportunity to use digital marketing in the financial services field.

Astra Credit Company has implemented some of the digital marketing in its business. However, to be ready to compete especially with new comers in financial technology, it is necessary to equip employees with the correct knowledge / understanding of digital marketing. So that the digital transformation that has been planned is applicable.

On 22-24 November 2017, located in Aston TB Simatupang Hotel Jakarta, BINUS Experts team in digital marketing delivered the training to 20 staff of Astra Credit Company.

The training curriculums are adjusted with the needs of the company, detail of curriculum covers:

  1. Understanding Digital Business
    • Disruptive Digital Insight
    • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks
    • Five Core Behavior of Customers in The Digital World (Part 1)
  2. Managing Your Offer
    • Five Core Behavior of Customers in The Digital World (Part 2)
    • Crafting Positioning in Digital Business and Product & Price Strategy
  3. The Digital Advertising Mix and CRM
    • Principle of Digital Advertising From Media Own, Paid and Earned to Programmatic Placement
    • Narrative Transportation on Presentation
    • What is Next for Astra Credit Company ?

Case study also given to the participants to complete their learning and comprehend their conceptual thinking and creativity so solve the problem in financial service industry.

As final assignment, the participants have to create a mini project and present it in the end of session. The mini project should be new and covers the market trends, consumer journey, digital transformation domain, Segmenting Tarrgeting Positining, 3Ps Strategy (product, price, promotion), so that the idea will transformed the company three years later.

After three days of training, the participants were able to :

  • Understand the basic knowledge of industry trends, consumer behavior, and e-marketing
  • Develop their analytical thinking and identified the problems about financial service in the area of digital marketing
  • Identify the opportunities in the future
  • Compete in business digital