One of leading banks in Indonesia has a retirees program for their customers, which is not only a retirement saving plan, but also helping the retirees to manage their retirement money. Looking beyond this, the bank has programs to educate their retirees customers about retirement money management and also how to make their own business with their money.

Animation becomes one of the tools to help the bank to educate their customers. Here BINUS Animation Studio created one character to become an icon of the video animation of education.


The Challenge

To create such character, BINUS Animation Studio together with the bank discussed together the traits of the icon, since the character will represent the image of the bank. It was concluded after discussion that the character will be wise, smart, a successful man around 50 – 55 years old. He has his own business that he builds with the help of the bank and he has a family to support him. He also loves to share his experience and knowledge to other people.

With those traits, BINUS Animation Studio started to develop design the character, which will be further called of Pak ABC.

Not only designing the character, BINUS Animation Studio also created the content about financial management plan for retirees throughout video learning. Since the target viewers are people in the golden age, the video learning should be creative and interactive to keep the attention on.


How We Helped

1. Design Character and Environment of Pak ABC

BINUS Animation Studio started with some styles of character from cartoon-styled to realistic-styled. From these twelve options the bank and BINUS Animation Studio combined some of the traits and made the option narrower.

The styles that chosen was the realistic one, which was believed shall give the serious feeling in the video that will fit with the audience. After the style and the clothes have chosen, BINUS Animation Studio gave some options according to the face and shoes. After some discussions, the bank and BINUS Animation Studio agreed on the design character of Pak ABC.

Along with the design character, BINUS Animation Studio also prepared for the design of the work room of Pak ABC, where he will share his knowledge to the retirees. Here BINUS Animation Studio also prepared some room design options to decide.

From these options, the bank picked one and changed some of the elements in the room. The changes needed to make the room more represents Pak ABC’s traits. Room with wooden furniture was representing fit Pak ABC, considering people in age 50 – 55 years old have wood furniture as their preferences because it is the element that they were familiar with when they were young. The family pictures are also displayed in the room; showing one of Pak ABC’s traits about the family who always support him.

After all of the designs were approved by the bank, BINUS Animation Studio then started to create the 3D model of the character and the work room of Pak ABC.


2. Animation Production

At the animation production stage BINUS Animation Studio combined the process between 3D with 2D work. The concept of the story was Pak ABC taught the retirees how to make a business and manage their money and Pak ABC would teach the retirees with a drawing which he drew on the whiteboard in his work room. Pak ABC’s drawing will in to 2D animation, which it would become the main content in this animation video. 3D Animation will acts like a break between all of the information so the audience will not feel bored or overwhelmed.

For the 2D animation, BINUS Animation Studio created pictures and symbols that could be easily understood by people for age 50 – 65. Texts also become one of the important elements in the 2D animations to help the audience understand the contents better.

After the animation process was done, both the 2D and 3D contents were combined into one video. Processes like color, ambiance, and sound final touch were also given to finalize the video. The final video is a 5 minutes duration to keep all the material inside the video. Five minutes is a tolerable duration so the audience will not feel bored and lose focus before the video finish.