One of Indonesia Ministry planned to promote their senior-level employees who already had amount of experience of abroad assignment to rise to the next level. This ministry realized that one of the capabilities that was needed to be improved to achieve this goal is the ability to lead themselves and their team members.

One way to improve the ability to lead is through leadership training. The aim of the training series is to prepare participants to become a leader who can lead in a variety of conditions, create a strategic network outside the country, lead change and create innovation culture in the relation of collaborative world, and understand and empower the team members with coaching and mentoring to achieve the Ministry’s objectives.


The Challenge

To achieve the goal, BINUS Creates, with the help from facilitators expert of BINUS University provided the leadership training combined with the psychological assessment for the trainees. Since the participants were already senior, the training sessions were 2-way communication and were interactive–this is to keep the them focused on the training sessions given.

The experts who were collaborated with BINUS Creates were Dr. Johannes A. A. Rumeser, M.Psi., Psi., Prof. Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, S. Sos., MM., Ph.D., Raymond Godwin, S.Psi., M.Si, Esther Widhi Andangsari, M.Psi., Psi., Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA, Synthia Atas Sari, S.IP., M.Si., Fredy Purnomo, S. Kom., M. Kom, Daniel Virginia Lie, S.Kom, and Ahmad Gilang Illyasa Rahman, S.Ikom.


How We Helped

Leadership training was conducted by using a learning methodology called “Double Loop Model” which consisted of three sessions: 1) Conceptual session, this includes pre-assessment and learning materials equipped with video as supporting material; 2) Exercise session, this includes games, role play, and sharing; and 3) Final Project session such as Project Management for each group.

Training began with learning how to be a resonant and effective leader by sharpening the objectives and dreams of the leaders. Once the participants understood how to be a leader, the participants needed to learn how to understand themselves and their team members with Lumina models, a psychological test for business to assess and improve communication, teamwork and leadership. With training assessed by Lumina, participants got to know how to improve the frequency and quality of communication with team members, to be creative and critical, and learn step-by-step process of leading successful change in ICT World in order to build themselves and their team members to be leaders and an EXTRA-ordinary teams.

During the training, participants were given the tasks consisting of presentations, games and role play to practice learning materials on that day. Participants could discuss with fellow participants and the facilitator to exchange ideas about the topics given. On the last day of training, participants were divided into groups and given a Final Project of Project Management as a simulation from any training materials that have been given from the first day until the last day.

Performance of the participants was also assessed. During the training, participants also observed by psychologists from BINUS Univeirsty. This was to assess the activity of the participant, the behavior of participants, and the successful participants during the training.



Training is very crucial for company to develop its talents. When giving the training to company, it is also important to develop the contents and how to deliver in accordance with the profile of the participants of the training. By doing this, the outcome will be easier to  be delivered.