Product Description

Given the increasingly mature creative industry in Indonesia, this will definitely increase the corporate capability in respect of business communication and in respect of information sharing, in addition thereto; there are also various valuable resources that is available in Binus University.

Creative industry—this includes visual and performing arts and the media, digital media, publishing, interior design, advertising, and new media—is increasingly being recognized as underpinning local, national and regional economies and societies; this supplements a more traditional (public) cultural policy which is increasingly interdependent with the creative industry. BINUS University with its proud and outstanding performance amongst universities in Indonesia offers such an interesting portfolio of courses ranging from animation, creative advertising, interior design, and new media.

In BINUS University, all of our lecturers are active professional practitioners and researchers and we work closely with industry and professional organizations to ensure our courses are up to date and relevant to industry needs. Placements, industrial projects, talks and visits are all embedded across programs offering valuable opportunities to work with industry professionals.

Not only outbound partnership between BINUS University and industries, lecturers and staffs of the School of Design are also active in making strategic collaboration with other programs and schools in BINUS University, among others are design on mobile applications, e-learning development, and architectures and designs. Specifically, staffs of animation in the School of Design at BINUS University are engaged with on-going professional activities, knowledge exchange and other projects through one of the platforms is our Binus Animation Studio.

BAS – BINUS Animation Studio

BINUS Animation Studio is the pool of Binusian talents who are passionate in creative industry, and acts as a bridge between BINUS University and professional organizations to accomplish what industry needs. BINUS Animation Studio uses purpose-built cutting-edge technology to achieve a unique visual animation experience. With ranged from 2D to 3D animation portfolio, BINUS Animation Studio aims to produce various features of animation products in order to cope with the growing demand for top quality digital content.

Product List

  • 2D & 3D animation series.
  • Multimedia & New Media Advertising.
  • Web Design including css and html.
  • Opening tunes/ title/ jingle.
  • Interior Design & Show Unit.
  • Below the Line (BTL) kits.

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