Product Description

“Manage” is a simple word, whose meaning is to maintain control over ourselves or other people in purpose of succeeding one’s or group’s aims. However, even though it is a simple word, it has become a substantial issue that restrain companies from maintaining and improving their performances.

Some people believe that management skills can be acquired by learning from the experience of managing people. In contrary, more and more new management strategies have been developed and implemented by companies, which can enhance the management programs.

Management Training and Business Technology Consultation is one of the mediums to fill the management gap in companies. In BINUS University, we have over 1500 lecturers from 8 faculties/schools, ranging from IT fields to Language fields. All of our lecturers are professionals and researchers that have good amount of experience in the industry as practitioners.

Product List

  • Executive Education Series (MDP).
  • Bank Officer Development Program.
  • Management & Leadership related trainings.
  • Accounting & Finance related trainings.
  • Communication Related Trainings.
  • Hospitality Related Trainings.
  • CEO/C-Levels Forum.

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