Belajar Artificial Neural Network (ANN) untuk Pemula in Bahasa Indonesia

This course focuses on artificial neural network or commonly known as ANN. Learners will be able to differentiate two learning paradigms; supervised & unsupervised learning in relating with Perceptron, Backpropagation Neural Network, and Self Organizing Map Algorithm along with dimension reduction.


Pengenalan Blockchain untuk Pemula in Bahasa Indonesia

This course presents the fundamental overview of blockchain technology. Learners will gain understanding on the basic components of a blockchain, the blockchain evolution, how blockchain operates, the underlying blockchain implementations along with how the blockchain change the essential of trusts in industrial sectors.


Pajak Penghasilan di Indonesia in Bahasa Indonesia

This course covers the income tax system in Indonesia as it relates to individuals, employees and sole proprietors. Key concepts covered include gross income, deductible and non-deductible expenses, the differing tax treatments for employees versus self-employed taxpayers and how to calculate the Final Income Taxes.


Belajar Teknologi Material Konstruksi (Beton) in Bahasa Indonesia

This course will further examine on concrete as one of the commonly used construction materials in Indonesia. Learners will be able to distinguish the concrete compositions: aggregate, admixture, and water as well as understanding how to utilize effectively these different types of concretes and concrete processing in each stages of construction project.


Algorithm & Programming in Java (Indonesian Version)

This course will cover the basic of algorithm and how to implement the algorithm using the Java programming language. Details of the course inclusive of class & arithmetic operation, logic, relational operation & selection, iteration statement and other supporting details which can help you in building your own Java-based application.


Pengenalan Sistem Informasi untuk Pemula

This course will show you an introduction coverage towards information system. Technology and current issues faced by companies in this digital era. The course will also elaborate on the predictions in relation with technological advancement and businesses in the future.


Unified Modelling Language (UML) menggunakan Visual Paradigm

This course will show you an elaborative detail on how to design data components as needed in building a software. Data design is a crucial part in modelling and software blueprint description prior to implementation phase. This course will focus on the 4 diagrams: Use Case, Sequence, Activity & Class diagram.


Dasar Jaringan Komputer untuk Pemula

This course will cover the general knowledge you should know on the components of computer networks in most companies. Preliminary introduction in how data is communicating through networks and network architecture will provide you with further understanding on choosing the right computer network for your company as well as preparing the necessary physical connection needed.


Keamanan Sistem Informasi untuk Pemula

This course will cover the basic knowledge of Security in an Information System. Learners will gain further insights on Information System components, primary concept of Security, the International Security Standard of an Information System along with the critical elements of an Information System which can be applied in designing an effective system which can withstanding the predictive changes in the organization.


Cara Membuat Aplikasi Mobile Menggunakan Qt5

This course will cover on how you can build your own Android-based application using Qt5. Elaborative details on Qt5 Widget Overview, QML Basic, UI Component Layout will become the basis prior to Interfacing from QML to C++ and building your own Simple Phonebook.


Mobile Multimedia Solution using iOS (Indonesian Version)

Mobile Multimedia Solution using iOS is a subject that gives you the knowledge about the basic concept of Swift language and main features of iOS Platform. Upon completing this course, you should be able to know the fundamental knowledge about mobile application programming, design and develop mobile applications based on iOS Platform.


Pengantar Data Warehouse untuk Pemula

This course will cover the core basic knowledge of data warehouse from data warehouse concept, data warehouse design, OLAP, distributed DWH which can further give you an insightful way to develop your own data warehouse design.


Manajemen Data dan Informasi untuk Pemula

This course will show you an introduction coverage towards core concepts in data & information management which started from identifying the information, building physical database until the relational data based on the system development lifecycle.


Belajar Pemrograman Java Menggunakan GUI

This course will show you on the Java Programming method using Graphical User Interface (GUI). Further Java system concept & further elaborative details on GUI as well as database access will allow you to build GUI-based application which can be implemented by using series of database.