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Building Your Fundamental Competencies

You will be exposed to competencies essential for business success:

  • Comprehending business acumen
  • Ensuring business sustainability
  • Formulating winning strategies in digital era
  • Leading the execution of strategy

These essential competencies have been translated into relevant courses.

Opening New Horizons

Theories and models that guided decision making in the past no longer seem to provide leaders with all the answers.

The Mini MBA Program encourages you to think systematically, calling into traditional thought processes and exploring business challenges from a new point of horizon.

People, Innovation, Excellence

The Mini MBA Program is committed to delivering excellence in learning by creating impactful classrooms which seek to deliver applied knowledge, create outstanding leaders and instill a drive for competitive advantage through innovation. 

Make an Impact

Once you return to work and begin applying what you have learned in the classroom, your impact on your business will be revealed.


  • Compact class size with intensive learning methodologies
  • Convenient city campus location in central Jakarta
  • Facilitators with global and executive experience
  • Reputable executive education provider
  • Hands-on case studies, workshops & final projects
  • Strong networking opportunities