Language is a big part of culture. It is a part of crucial skills to begin communication among individuals. With globalization, free trade agreements, the focus of foreign investment, and the growth of local startups happened in Indonesia, comes the cultural impacts to your business journey. Basically the more global your company becomes, the greater impact of culture it is.

In the past, culture was seen as only a simple concept with most people thinks that only language is the main component of culture itself. However, what most people do not realize is that it is an extremely complex concept which consists not only language, but also traditions, religions, arts, behaviours, habits, and many other factors. That is why culture play a big part of role in translation and native intercultural communication processes for global business.

BINUS CREATES provides a custom curriculum that would help institutions to manage their specific program to reach the specific objectives and competencies. We offer three business languages such as English, Chinese, and Japanese delivered by experienced facilitators.