Scale Your Business and Make Impact on Future Generations!

BiSA (BINUS Startup Accelerator) plays a pivotal role in connecting the BINUSIAN founders with the fellow entrepreneurs, industry experts, corporate, and investors; while helping the founders to scale up their businesses. BiSA’s customized curriculum is specifically made to be a catalyst for the founders to penetrate the industry firmly. BiSA’s main goal is to foster and empower young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to make impact to the society and future generations.

In order to achieve that, we have several programs and value creation services such as:

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Talks

  • A series of hands-on panel, workshops, and meet up sessions with young entrepreneurs, startup mentors, business experts, and corporates. The participants will have a chance to learn directly from the expert, by listening to their success stories or asking any related questions, and also to network with the industry experts
  1. ChatBot

  • BiSA ChatBOT (Chat*ting Berbo*BOT), or in English means “meaningful chats and conversation”, is a community based learning through an online messaging group platform, where the entrepreneurs can learn from each other and also directly from the expert. The group has mentors, startup coach, industry experts, and CEO or person with high level position from corporate or startups.
  1. EXPO

  • BiSA Expo is a showcase event, where the registered startup can pitch / show their product or business idea. The participated startups will get their business reviewed by industry experts. The selected startups will have a chance to join BiSA’s UPcelerator program
  1. UPcelerator Program

  • Consists of series of one-on-one mentorship programs for selected startup only, with technical and dedicated mentors. Furthermore, there will be value creation services such as legal advisory, business and financial advisory, facilities, etc.