Indonesia has a wide geographical location, cultural diversity, historic sites, and different regional languages ​​in each city. In education sector, Indonesia has succeeded conducting various collaborations with foreign universities and high demand for student exchange in every year. Therefore, Bahasa Indonesia needs to be learnt in order to build closer interactions and open wider opportunities.

BINUS Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) Program was established based on the growing significance of Bahasa Indonesia in the global era, especially because Indonesia itself has a strategic location among ASEAN countries, potential natural resources, and a unique variety of cultures. Bahasa Indonesia is expected to be a ‘bridge’ for its cause in improving other countries’ understanding towards Indonesia as a nation as well as culture. In country language study is critical: it provides needed incentive for foreigners to become interested in Indonesia, and raises awareness of the importance of Indonesia.

The program is designed to give participant(s) the skills – language, political awareness, cultural sensitivity – the need to engage with the country in a constructive and beneficial manner.

BINUS BIPA Program offers a variety of topics that will be adjusted to the need of the participant(s). With highly experienced instructors, this program also welcomes content requests to ensure better application inside and outside working environment.