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Belajar Manajemen Lintas Budaya untuk Pemula in Bahasa Indonesia

This course will show you different dimensions of culture specifically related with international business. Learners will gain a better understanding of when and how cultural differences are likely to influence the different dimensions of communication, negotiation, leadership style, motivation and decision making as well as analyzing the strategy need to be carried out within organizational management in regards to multicultural settings.


Corporate Financial Management for Beginner in Bahasa Indonesia

This course focuses on managerial finance function in competitive business environment. Learners will gain understanding on the concept of time value of money, having a thorough outlook on financial statements, utilize the financial tools needed for decision-making including how to analyze the risk and return as well as calculating costs, valuating bonds and capital budgeting.


Strategic Management for Beginner in English

This course consists of the basic know-how in strategic management process. Learners will learn about strategic management & how to evaluate the strategies; analyze competitiveness including competitive rivalry & dynamics along with internal & external environment from strategy formulation to implementation for 21st century business.


Strategic Management Level, Form and Implementation) in Bahasa Indonesia

This course will show you how to identify different strategic management approaches. Learners will be able to distinguishes strategy level, form, merger and acquisitions and international strategy implementation in corporate governance and leadership; particularly in understanding strategy preferences of the top management team.