As we know the use of technologies such as software, hardware, apps today makes what we do more effective and efficient. But unfortunately not all software, hardware, apps are equipped with a security system that can guarantee the security of the user’s data. The issue was finally used by those who were not responsible for illegal acts.

Cyber ​​crime is a serious problem in the digital world because its activities enter a system without proprietary permission that has the potential to cause system damage, data theft, data manipulation, virus injection and even defamation.

In anticipation of these matters the organization must continue to improve the ability of its technical team in terms of data security, network and operating systems so as not to be missed.

The Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU) is one of the state institutions that are most vulnerable to cyber crime, especially during the general election period both in the legislative, regional and presidential elections.

Located at BINUS fX Campus Sudirman in July 2017 the experts team of BINUS in cyber security provided training to the KPU team which included strategic learning of cyber security risk management, secure programming, introduction to hacking, network security administration and cyber forensic.