Admission is the first layer of an education institution, it gives the very first impression to the prospective customer (student). Having already a tidy admission process business doesn’t guarantee the satisfaction of customer if it does not fit to the customer’s custom and comfort. Corresponding with the digital era and customer’s changing behavior, the utilization of information system can be a great added value to the institution’s image as well as preservation to process business control.


The Challenge

Admission activity in University, especially for New Student Registration is still done by using manual (un-automated) system on a written paper form. This process is usually less efficient and taking longer time, along with its tendency of lost or scattered data. The proposition should have been resolved with proper and suitable utilization of technology and information system. Web-based application can be a solution to replace this manual system and the Internet will promote the mobility and availability of this solution.


How We Help

Develop an information system in pursuit of Admission business process automation (with best practice in proven education institution) to promote effectivity and efficiency. This integrated solution will cover registration, payment, student admission, orientation process, and management report in one-single application (Portal). The Online Admission System will be 24-hours ready for customer‘s convenience.