Human is an individual being, yet that person is connected with each other through communication and emotion. Though it seems irrelevant to some, emotion or “Moods” and people`s basics temperament (Such as Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic) do indeed differentiate people towards viewing their works and, even, what works mean for them. As this phenomenon emerges, a lot of research regarding the topics of the right job for the right person rises. This research resulted in findings that use in certain talent assessment and counseling in companies and schools to select people or student based on their basic temperament for their respective job position or schools major.

To serve the growing demand in the field, BINUS with its psychology services offers several assessments and counselings with the purposes of helping participants to choose their suitablelife path. Though the assessment and counseling isn’t 100% guaranteed results, it still provides scientific guidance for participants who weren’t sure about their life choices to pursue chances for the most suitable life path.

The Challenge

As the target participants of this assessment and counseling differ in ages, the challenge emerges. For example, difference age group requires difference approach to dig for their psychological insights. One of the main reasons for this difference is the rapid development in technology (Example: Baby Boomer and Gen Z perception towards technology implementation in their daily and work life). Given this challenge and as the technology keeps progressing towards the future, the norm and standard for assessment and counseling in psychology will always be updated via related researches in the field.

How We Helped

Based on the needs of participants, our psychological service center staff will help to determine what assessment is suitable for each participant, such as Talent Assessment, Career Assessment, or simply counseling regarding the participant problems. In Talent Assessment participants will be given multiple choice questions that are divided into several psychological aspects, such as: Creativity, Behavior, Interest, etc. The results will then be analyzed by our psychological experts and be counseled to the participants regarding their choice of study fields or career paths that the most suitable for them.


Gaining insight from your psychology assessment report will sure help you to choose your career path or study area to be pursued. Though it seems a little odd, Some people in the age range of 23 – 32 (fresh graduate to young professional) are still unsure about their work or study passion and drifting from job to job to search for the right paths. This assessment might not be a 100% guaranteed way for people to find their dream job, but it will surely help many to do so.

In a more practical use, Human Resources in companies use psychological assessments to locate the right people for doing certain jobs. Event, many activities in Human Resources such as Recruitment, Job Placement, Job Succession, and Job Promotion require the ability to understand people via psychological assessments.